Hyped: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

The Peach of my Eye

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: Review & Swatches + Rundown of All 18 Shades

As spring is getting closer and closer, I’ve been loving switching up my makeup game. Gone are the smoky eyes and dark lips that I’ve been rocking on days where I’ve added a few extra steps to my everyday makeup routine. Don’t get me wrong, I still do love a good smoky eye, but I’ve been swapping the deep, sultry colours with lighter, more spring-appropriate shades. Enter the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette (49USD, £39, 59CAD). Everyone’s been talking about it, everyone loves it. Like all makeup addicts, I was so excited when it released again after its first limited run. However, the practical side of me was wondering: is it really worth it? Trends come and go, and while peachy shades may be all the rage right now, I didn’t know if I would continue to use them when all the hype is over. Long story short, I debated whether or not to get it for weeks, only to receive it as a gift from my wonderful cousin for Christmas. I’ve been playing with it for over a month now, so I thought I’d share my honest thoughts and swatch all of the shades for you. Here is the palette in all of its glory.


First off, the smell. It smells amazing. Not like real peaches, but like the artificial peach flavour in peach tea or a peach popsicle. In a good way, of course. If you’re sensitive to smell, or just hate strong scents in general, you may not like this palette because it can be a bit overpowering. However, if you’re in love with the colours, get it anyways! You can’t smell it once it’s on your lids.

The packaging is solid and so cute! It features gold lettering and a peach motif on an ombre light peach-to-orange backdrop. The packaging is also made of tin and has a magnetic closure, so it feels very sturdy. I’ve traveled with it in my check-in luggage and it was completely fine.

Now for the most important part: the formula. Too Faced definitely did not slack on this palette. If you like the formula on their original Chocolate Bar Palette (love that one too btw), you’ll like the formula on this one too. Both the matte and shimmery shades have amazing pigmentation and are super blendable too! The texture on these shadows vary from shade to shade, but for the most part they are smooth; not overly powdery,buttery, or chalky; and aren’t patchy on the lid. The shadows also last all day on my eyelids (with my Urban Decay Primer Potion as I have extremely oily eyelids) and have little to no fallout. I’m a big fan of the shade range as it is very versatile, there are a lot of neutral colours, and none of the shades are too far out of my comfort zone. That being said, I definitely do have some favourites and some not-so-favourites.

Keep reading for swatches and my thoughts on each individual shade (including favourites)! (Keep in mind that you get 17.1g/0.54oz of product, which works out to 0.95g/0.03oz per shadow, each shadow is 2.72USD/£2.17/3.28CAD)

The first six shades are (from left to right, up to down) “White Peach”, “Luscious”, “Nectar”, “Cobbler”, “Peaches ‘N Cream”, and “Georgia”.

Here are the swatches in that order:


White Peach: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout little to none

An off-white creamy highlight shade with a sheen that’s not quite metallic but definitely not matte. This is one of my favourite shades in the palette because of how buttery smooth it is. I love to use this shade under my eyebrows and even down my nose. Be careful to tap off the excess on your brush as it can be a bit powdery.

Luscious: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 4/5 | Fallout none

A light gold metallic shade with a peachy undertone. Another one of my favourite shades (I promise  I won’t say this for every shade!). I love to use this colour all over the lid; it is so pretty! There is no chunky glitter in this shade and although it is easy to blend, if you blend it too heavily it blends away the colour and only leaves behind a little bit of shimmer.

Nectar: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout none

A pale yellowy beige metallic shade. This colour is super pigmented and blendable but isn’t  too buttery to the touch, so it doesn’t have any fallout. I use this shade on my inner corners and even as a highlight for my face.

Cobbler: Pigmentation 4/5 | Blendability 4/5 | Fallout none

A light bronze metallic shade with a peachy undertone. This is such a unique colour and I love it as an all over the lid shade. It is not as buttery as the lighter metallic shades, but has good pigmentation and blendability nonetheless.

Peaches ‘N Cream: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout little to none

A matte true beige shade with a peach undertone. This colour is super soft, so make sure to tap off the excess. I love to use this shade to blend out my transition shade.

Georgia: Pigmentation 3/5 | Blendability 4/5 | Fallout none

A pinky peach matte shade. I use this shade as my transition shade, but it wouldn’t work as a transition for anyone with medium-tan to dark skin. You definitely need to build this colour up; it is not as buttery or as pigmented as the other matte shades. However, it does translate better on the eyelids than it does swatched on my arm.


The next six shades are (from left to right, up to down) “Just Peachy”, “Bless Her Heart”, “Candied Peach”, “Bellini”, “Caramelized”, and “Puree”.

Here are the swatches in that order:


Just Peachy: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 4/5 | Fallout little

A metallic peachy pink shade with gold shimmer running through it. I would describe it as Nars Orgasm Blush if it were an eyeshadow. Very pigmented and soft, so be careful or there will be fallout. I love this shade all over the lid for a pretty peachy eye look.

Bless Her Heart: Pigmentation 3/5 | Blendability 3/5 | Fallout little to none

An olive khaki green metallic shade. It is not as pigmented as the other metallic shades in this palette, and it does get a little patchy if you try to blend it out. I like to use this shade all over the eye for a more neutral green smokey eye, but I prefer it over a cream eyeshadow rather than by itself.

Candied Peach: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout none

A true matte peach shade. Perfect as a transition/crease shade. In the pan, you can see purple glitter running through it, but it won’t show on the lids if you use a brush. If you’re a fan of the glitter, pat it on with your fingers.

Bellini: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 4/5 | Fallout none

A lighter, cooler-toned version of “Just Peachy”. It makes a more natural pinky lid colour and is not as soft as “Just Peachy”, so I find that there is no fallout and works best patted all over the lid with your fingers.

Caramelized: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout none

A warm toned bronze metallic shade, almost with a burnt peachy terracotta undertone. Dare I say my favourite shade in the palette? It is so pigmented and buttery but I have never experienced fallout. I love to use this shade for a one-shadow eye look. I just blend it on my lid up to my crease with a fluffy brush and I’m done!

Puree: Pigmentation 4/5 | Blendability 4/5 | Fallout none

A matte, warm medium brown shade with a terracotta undertone. Not the most outstanding formula ever, but a solid shadow and great formula nonetheless. I love this colour on my outer corner of my lid to deepen up my eye look.


The last six shades are (from left to right, up to down) “Tempting”, “Charmed, I’m Sure”, “Peach Pit”, “Delectable”, “Summer Yum”, and “Talk Derby to Me”.

Here are the swatches in that order:


Tempting: Pigmentation 3/5 | Blendability 3/5 | Fallout little to none

A deep, dark olive green metallic shade with a bit of micro glitter running through it. For such a dark colour, you’d expect more pigmentation, and it can look patchy if you don’t build it up. I would suggest layering this on top of a cream eyeshadow or smoked out on the lash line with a damp angled brush.

Charmed, I’m Sure: Pigmentation 4/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout none

A dark taupe shape. This shade is so hard to describe because of how unique it is. It’s cool toned, but looks warmer on the edges when blended, almost like you used two shades. It’s also not quite matte, but definitely not shimmery; almost like a cross between a matte and a satin shadow. This is one of my favourites in the palette for sure because of how easily it blends on the outer corner of my lids and how unique the colour is. It also builds up nicely, isn’t patchy, and I haven’t experienced any fallout from it.

Peach Pit: Pigmentation 5/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout little to none

A rich metallic purple shade with almost a bronzy undertone and light pink micro glitter. Another favourite (I know, I’m sorry). This shadow is so pigmented and buttery and glides on like a dream. It can also be blended out without looking patchy, which is an issue I have with a lot of darker shades. Perfect all over the lid for a purple smokey eye.

Delectable: Pigmentation 2/5 | Blendability 3/5 | Fallout none

A deep royal purple that looks shimmery in the pan but is quite dull swatched. It is not pigmented enough for such a pretty deep purple shade, and is quite patchy, especially when it’s blended out. Not my favourite, but could be a good outer corner shade for someone with a heavy hand.

Summer Yum: Pigmentation 4/5 | Blendability 5/5 | Fallout none

A matte rusty terracotta shade, a darker and more warm toned version of “Puree” with almost the same formula. I do find that this one blends slightly better for some reason. I love using this colour as an outer corner shade or smoked out on the bottom lash line for a rusty smokey eye.

Talk Derby To Me: Pigmentation 1/5 | Blendability 2/5 | Fallout little

A dark indigo shade with chunky pink and purple glitter. In my opinion, the worst shadow in this palette (sorry Too Faced!). This shadow is not pigmented at all and it took a lot of rubbing to get it to show on my arm. It also has an extremely chalky, scratchy texture. Even though I haven’t seen fallout from the dark pigment, the glitter does fall out. I’ve even tried it with my tried and true MAC Fix + and I still couldn’t get the colour to be opaque and smooth. Not my favourite.

Overall, I love this palette and it is definitely worth the hype in my opinion. I’ve always been a very neutral gal and haven’t ventured into the peach spectrum before this palette, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover how wearable the shades are and how often I’ve reached for this palette.

If you’re still reading this, THANK YOU!! I know this was a very long post but I wanted to be as helpful and informative as possible. Hope to catch you on my next post (on Sunday)!




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