La Crème de la Crème: February

Things I’ve Been Loving During the Month of Love

February is over and it is officially one month closer to spring break! I cannot wait for the warmer weather and the freshly bloomed flowers; but before I look too far ahead, I’m going to do a quick recap of everything that I’ve loved this past month. My plans may change, but as of now, I am planning to do a recap of my favourites every month. I will be including one makeup/skincare/haircare product, one food item, one activity, one item of clothing, and a random one that can be from any category! I will not be talking about anything that I’ve mentioned in my other posts in this month’s recap (including makeup, clothes, food, drinks, etc.), so rest assured that I still love my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette and my yogurt parfaits.

1. Blogging

I created my blog and started blogging this past month, so of course this had to be in my top 5! I have loved (and am still loving) being able take a break from my studies to do something more creative and more meaningful than binge-watching TV or browsing through social media in my down time. It’s also so rewarding to see that there are a few people who take the time to read my posts! This blog is going to be a permanent record of parts of my daily life that I’m not only sharing, but that I’m also keeping as a journal of some sort to look back on in the future.

2. Multi Grain Cheerios

This is kind of an embarrassing one, but I’ve been addicted to Multi Grain Cheerios. Not as a breakfast cereal, but as a snack (I’m an adult btw). I love snacking through the day, especially when I’m working, so instead of munching my way through a bag of chips or a couple chocolate bars, I like to eat Cheerios instead. They’re a fairly healthy option and so I don’t feel as guilty when I refill my bowl for the third time halfway through the day. I also like how they’re slightly sweet because they satisfy my sweet tooth just enough to prevent me from snacking on more sugary and unhealthy foods. There’s really not much more to say other than I’m hooked.


3. Rose Essential Oil

I’ve talked about my love for Bio-Oil on my blog in the past (link here), but I have yet to talk about my other favourite facial oil, which is rose essential oil. The one I use is the Bosphorus Gül Esans Yaği , which is from a Turkish brand. I received it as a gift so I don’t know where you can buy it other than online, but any kind of rose oil will do. I use this oil interchangeably with my Bio-Oil to treat acne and I sometimes mix a drop of it into my foundation on days where my skin is not looking too good. I don’t know if this is a good idea since rose oil has apparently some of the strongest anti-bacterial properties and can also be used as an antiseptic, but it should be fine (take my advice with a grain of salt) as long as you don’t get it near your eyes.


4. Hot Chocolate

Specifically hot chocolate with whipped cream. This is my guilty pleasure drink of choice when I need to cut back on the coffee (and caffeine in general) before going to bed. I love making my own hot chocolate with the Alpro coconut milk (vegan) and the Sweet Freedom Orange Spice Choc Shot. I wouldn’t recommend this milk alternative as it does contain carrageenan (although it is delicious), but I highly recommend the choc shot! This chocolate sauce is made from fruits and it is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO with no chemical processing, added preservatives, added additives, or palm oil. It is also free from 14 major food allergens and only contains 14 calories per teaspoon! Depending on my mood (and my level of self-control), I’ll top it all off with some whipped cream for an extra little treat.


5. New Look Black Coated High Waisted Skinny Jeans

Upgrade your traditional black skinny jeans to the more sophisticated, and in my opinion more versatile, coated jeans. I have tried many faux leather and leather leggings/pants, but these coated jeans are so much more flattering on my legs and give a very similar, if not the same, effect. I love to pair these jeans with an oversized denim jacket for a slightly grungy, casual look, a trench coat and a blouse for a more chic look, or a mix of both.  Stay tuned for either a #ootd post featuring these jeans or a post on different ways to style these jeans on my blog coming soon!


There we have it, my crème de la crème items of the month of love! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my next post coming to you soon!



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