#ootd: Nama-slay in Yoga Class

Balance & Bend in Style

As an avid yogi for 5 years and counting, I’ve learned that style is not the only thing to look for in yoga clothes, functionality is too. I used to think that as long as it was Lululemon, I could wear it to yoga. I was so wrong. Over the years, I’ve realised that I have very specific preferences for what I like to wear exclusively to yoga class. I felt guilty every time I reached for an old t-shirt over my 50-dollar Lululemon tank tops. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Lululemon. In fact, even now the majority of my workout clothes are from there. However, now I’ve become more willing to venture out into other athletic-wear brands and I’ve found different silhouettes that I love for reasons to do with functionality. You may think that this all sounds silly, that workout wear is workout wear; but trust me, there are certain items that work better than others for yoga specifically (of course, this also has to do with personal preference and body shape). I’ll explain.

This is the outfit I’m wearing to my yoga class later today.

1. The Top


Under Armour Tank Top (no longer available)

You might be thinking: how is this anything special? Well, first of all, how cute is this top?! I love the colour and the draped back detail. Second of all, this tank top has a built-in sports bra and is tight around the chest, which is crucial because I don’t want to accidentally flash anyone. Finally, this top cinches around the hips, which is very important (at least for me) in yoga because of all the inversions that we do. If I wear a loose top, my shirt will give way to gravity and expose my stomach when I’m upside down, or even when I’m just in the downward dog pose. Most of you may feel comfortable by simply wearing a tight top to rectify the situation, but personally, I’m quite self-conscious about my midriff. Although I’m okay with wearing a tight top when I’m running or just going about my normal day; I don’t like to wear anything that’s tight around my stomach area when I’m doing yoga because all the bending, twisting, and even sitting can emphasise my love handles and stomach fat. That’s why I love how this top is loose around the midriff and tight against the hips. I know that this may seem like a silly issue to some people, but this is what makes me feel good about myself and that’s all that should matter. You do you.

2. The Bottoms


Lululemon crops (similar here and here)

To be completely honest, there’s really nothing that special about these bottoms. I like wearing crops over full-length leggings because they can get a bit too toasty and over shorts because my knees will get cold walking to yoga class (my class is at night). So really, it’s all down to personal preference. I love the mesh panel on these leggings because they’re both functional and stylish and I absolutely adore the deep pockets that are masked with a criss-cross design on the side of the leg. In general, I love the material that all the Lululemon leggings are made from because not only are they extremely stretchy and comfortable, but they are also completely opaque so you can’t see your underwear through them. However, I still do recommend wearing a thong or smooth, raw-cut panties so that your panty-lines don’t show.

Here’s my whole outfit (and me doing the tree pose vriksasana)


Hope you enjoyed this slightly different #ootd post! I usually don’t go and don’t plan on going into this much detail on these kinds of posts, but I thought that I would this time in case any of you reading this has the same insecurities or preferences as me.





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