#ootd: Think Pink

How to Incorporate Pink into your Outfit for Spring

Pink has been a very on trend colour in the fashion world recently and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Although I tend to gravitate more towards neutral colours, I love to add a pop of colour to my outfits, especially pastel colours. So, I put together this wearable and easy winter-to-spring transitional outfit incorporating this trendy colour in a pastel shade. I absolutely love this outfit and I think that it will definitely be my go-to look for the cooler spring days.

*Side Note* It’s the busiest time of year for all university students including myself right now and since I’ve only started blogging for a month, I don’t want to take a break from posting altogether. That being said, I apologize for the influx of #ootd posts to come (they’re the quickest to do!) and if I miss a day (I usually post every Sunday and Thursday). I promise that I’ll have at least one post out every week. So without further ado, the first of my spring #ootd posts:



The star of the outfit is obviously the skinny, cropped pastel pink jeans. I love how comfortable these jeans are and how they are completely opaque, so I don’t have to worry about covering my butt or wearing a thong. The pair that I’m wearing are from Levi’s and they are sadly not available anymore, but I found some very similar options here and here.

I paired the jeans with one of my all-time favourite shoes: Vans Perforated Leather Slip-Ons. These shoes are just so easy and classic and I love how they give a more relaxed, yet still classic look to any outfit.


My knit charcoal coat is from Zara and is also no longer available (at least online), but I bought it in store less than two weeks ago so it should still be available at your local Zara. I love how lightweight this coat is and how it feels more like a thick, soft cardigan than a traditional coat. It’s also not too warm, so it’s perfect for the cool spring weather that we’ve been having here in south-east England recently. Here is an alternative/dupe I found if you’re not able to find this exact coat.


The top that I’m wearing is just a basic, v-neck long-sleeve from TNA (available at Aritzia). Again, I can’t find this top online, but you can find one pretty much anywhere or you might even own a similar one already. I’ve had this top for about two years now and it’s still one of my basic wardrobe staples because of how soft the material is and how flattering its shape is. (Similar herehere, and here)

Hope you enjoyed this spring outfit idea with a pop of pink! Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my next post!



My Shopping List: Spring Edition

The Top 3 Spring Fashion Staples on my Shopping List

Goodbye dark neutrals, hello pastels. While I always think of neutral or deep jewel tones, minimalistic prints, and simple, classic silhouettes for winter clothes; spring clothes always makes me think of pastel easter-egg colours, mod prints, and pops of bright colours. Although I’m a neutral girl at heart, I still like to add a few fun pieces to my collection every now and again to spice up my outfits. Here are 3 spring fashion items that I’ll be investing in this season to update my wardrobe and welcome the warmer weather.

1. The Upgraded Leather/Suede Jacket

A feminine spin on the classic black leather biker jacket, the baby pink leather or suede biker jacket is the perfect way to incorporate this season’s hottest colour into your spring wardrobe. Personally, I much prefer suede over leather for this particular style and colour as I think that it looks softer and is more wearable and easier to style. Here are some of the best pink suede jackets that I’ve found:

2. The Men’s Shirt with a Girly Twist

Staying with the theme of adding a feminine spin to a classic wardrobe staple, the embroidered shirtdress will give you the sexy and laid-back “I’m wearing my boyfriend’s shirt” look with the added bonus of incorporating the on-trend embroidery into your outfit. Roll up the sleeves, unbutton a few buttons, and pair it with some loose beach waves for a chill and laid-back look; or slip on some heeled booties or a pair of over-the-knee boots for a relaxed, yet put-together outfit. Here are two of my favourite embroidered shirtdresses:


Zara Poplin Shirt (£39.99) technically a shirt, but just size up!

3. Throwback to the 60s

Mod style is making a comeback and it’s in the form of gingham. From girly gingham dresses to edgy gingham trousers, gingham is all the rage and almost every retailer is selling the print. As much as I love billowy sleeves and cute smock dress silhouettes, my petite frame and baby face make it almost impossible for me to rock some of the vintage school-girl inspired clothes in gingham prints. However, I am very much drawn to the tight fitting gingham dresses and off-the-shoulder styles. Here are some of the gingham items that I’ve had my eye on:

Those were three of my top picks for spring and some of the items that I’ll definitely be grabbing before spring is over. Stay tuned for some #ootd posts featuring these spring trends and let me know the spring fashion items on your shopping list!


#ootd: Nama-slay in Yoga Class

Balance & Bend in Style

As an avid yogi for 5 years and counting, I’ve learned that style is not the only thing to look for in yoga clothes, functionality is too. I used to think that as long as it was Lululemon, I could wear it to yoga. I was so wrong. Over the years, I’ve realised that I have very specific preferences for what I like to wear exclusively to yoga class. I felt guilty every time I reached for an old t-shirt over my 50-dollar Lululemon tank tops. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Lululemon. In fact, even now the majority of my workout clothes are from there. However, now I’ve become more willing to venture out into other athletic-wear brands and I’ve found different silhouettes that I love for reasons to do with functionality. You may think that this all sounds silly, that workout wear is workout wear; but trust me, there are certain items that work better than others for yoga specifically (of course, this also has to do with personal preference and body shape). I’ll explain.

This is the outfit I’m wearing to my yoga class later today.

1. The Top


Under Armour Tank Top (no longer available)

You might be thinking: how is this anything special? Well, first of all, how cute is this top?! I love the colour and the draped back detail. Second of all, this tank top has a built-in sports bra and is tight around the chest, which is crucial because I don’t want to accidentally flash anyone. Finally, this top cinches around the hips, which is very important (at least for me) in yoga because of all the inversions that we do. If I wear a loose top, my shirt will give way to gravity and expose my stomach when I’m upside down, or even when I’m just in the downward dog pose. Most of you may feel comfortable by simply wearing a tight top to rectify the situation, but personally, I’m quite self-conscious about my midriff. Although I’m okay with wearing a tight top when I’m running or just going about my normal day; I don’t like to wear anything that’s tight around my stomach area when I’m doing yoga because all the bending, twisting, and even sitting can emphasise my love handles and stomach fat. That’s why I love how this top is loose around the midriff and tight against the hips. I know that this may seem like a silly issue to some people, but this is what makes me feel good about myself and that’s all that should matter. You do you.

2. The Bottoms


Lululemon crops (similar here and here)

To be completely honest, there’s really nothing that special about these bottoms. I like wearing crops over full-length leggings because they can get a bit too toasty and over shorts because my knees will get cold walking to yoga class (my class is at night). So really, it’s all down to personal preference. I love the mesh panel on these leggings because they’re both functional and stylish and I absolutely adore the deep pockets that are masked with a criss-cross design on the side of the leg. In general, I love the material that all the Lululemon leggings are made from because not only are they extremely stretchy and comfortable, but they are also completely opaque so you can’t see your underwear through them. However, I still do recommend wearing a thong or smooth, raw-cut panties so that your panty-lines don’t show.

Here’s my whole outfit (and me doing the tree pose vriksasana)


Hope you enjoyed this slightly different #ootd post! I usually don’t go and don’t plan on going into this much detail on these kinds of posts, but I thought that I would this time in case any of you reading this has the same insecurities or preferences as me.




#ootd: A Warm Winter Day

Winter is Leaving

So… it’s not Sunday or Thursday, but here’s a sneaky little extra post because I am loving the warm sunny weather in South-East England right now.

You may notice a running theme on my blog: comfort. Well, I’ve only posted three times so it’s not really a theme yet, but you’ll see. Even on days when I have to go to class, run errands, or go for a night out, I still like to be comfortable.  That being said, I don’t like to sacrifice style for comfort and I still like to look put together to some degree. Today, it was a sunny 12°C -a warm day by my Canadian standards, so here is what I wore out to lunch and to run a few errands.


My denim jacket and dress are both from Brandy Melville. The t-shirt dress is so soft (you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever felt any of the Brandy Melville tees) and flowy,  but it still looks flattering. Just make sure to wear a pair of shorts underneath so you don’t accidentally flash someone! The denim jacket is in a boyfriend fit that is slightly oversized, so I rolled up the sleeves to give it more shape and so that it doesn’t look like I bought it in the wrong size. I love this jacket because the denim is not scratchy at all and it does not restrict my shoulder movement like most fitted jackets. Both the dress and the jacket are sadly no longer available, but here are some similar options:

Denim jacket: Brandy MelvilleForever 21ASOSTopshop

Dress: Forever 21H&MBoohooCotton:on


For shoes, I just wore my white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. You can find these pretty much everywhere both in stores and online. There are also tons of dupes out there if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

I know that some people may still find it a little too cold for bare legs (after all, it’s still winter), so I paired the same outfit with my over-the-knee boots for a warmer, slightly more put-together (but still comfortable) look.


These boots are from Zara and they’re only available in khaki now, but you can find over-the-knee boots pretty much everywhere right now. I love the tie detail on the back of the boots that are not only pretty, but functional as well. You can tighten them to fit your thighs perfectly. These boots also have a slightly pointed toe and a 4.5cm low heel. Here are some similar ones that I’ve found:

Over-the-knee boots: Public Desire (flat 3cm heel), Public Desire (10cm heel), splurge: Stuart Weitzman (different heel heights available)

Hope you enjoyed this extra little post! Sorry to any Canadian babes reading this… I feel your pain knowing that it will probably still be freezing when I go home in April.

Thanks for reading!